Black Holes

Okay. Best guess: What is this?

If your hand shot up and you shouted: “That’s the lower jaw of an elk and those holes are where its front teeth used to be!” go right to the head of the class.

This bone sits on a pile in our yard. On rambles through the woods we’ve picked up jawbones, vertebrae, ribs, skulls, shoulder blades, pelvises, teeth and long bones.

Not sure why. Kind of a packrat thing.

Red tree squirrels love it all. It’s where they come when they need a calcium hit.

Squirrels, like us, need calcium for strong bones.

They get it from several places — eggshells (think birds’ nests), mushrooms (fresh or dried, which they dry themselves), other plants, insects and bones.

Note the fresh white scratches on this bone: Squirrel nibblings.

Me? I prefer milk.


Elk   Cervus canadensis
Red tree squirrel    Tamiasciurus hudsonicus

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