As what goes up, must come down, so what goes in — unless it’s digested — must come out.

It has many names: dung, droppings, manure, cowpies, road apples, frass, buttons, worm cast, guano, buffalo chips, scat. And more. Who knew?

When you get right down to it, it’s all the same thing: animal poop.

The squeamish need read no further. The curious, however, may want to take a closer look. I found this scat on a trail in our woods. What did I learn?

  • IMG_2781_2The content and shape of the scat suggest carnivore (think meat eater)
  • The scat size suggests coyote (too small for wolf, too big for fox)
  • The scat is all hair (so it was a mammal not a bird)
  • All the hair is white (several animals have white hair but only one, the snowshoe hare, is entirely white)
  • The coyote ate dinner in winter (snowshoe hares are usually only white during that season).

Sherlock would be proud.


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