Love Bugs

I was watering the raspberries when what to my early morning eyes should appear but a  … What the heck was that?

An odd shape skittered across the leaves and overside.

I tossed the hose, grabbed my camera and peered closer. Moments later the whatever reappeared topside.

Not one bug but two. Caught in (ahem) “the act”.

I’m not sure who was leading this lovers’ dance but one bug dragged the other hither and thither. Across leaves. Up and over a dandelion. Back to the rasps.

A lover possessed? Bored? Not in the mood?


I left them to their erotic perambulations.

Later, I dug out my books. The striking black and red pattern made them easy to identify.

Twice-stabbed stink bugs. You’re kidding? Really? Someone had a go with that name.

I stuck my head in another book: Wee Harlequin Bugs. 

Much better. Yes, they are stink bugs. (A rose by any other name, afterall.) But for me, Wee Harlequin Bugs they shall be.

Wee harlequin bug   Cosmopepla bimaculata



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