Caught Ya

At last. I have a bumblebee. Not my first but my best effort so far.

They are elusive (for me). Previous attempts got only a blur of colour: Too much bee, not enough bumble.

But this morning a most accommodating ‘bee stopped by this Indian paintbrush. Voila!

Bumblebee   Bombus sp.
Indian paintbrush   Castilleja sp.

18 thoughts on “Caught Ya

    1. Thanks, Pete. Maybe they took pity on me. I’d been taking so many blurry shots … maybe they figured if I got a reasonably good one I’d go away and bother something else. 🙂

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    1. If at first … just keep chasing. Last night I found one that (I guess) had decided to sleep on a flower stalk. Got several good pics. 🙂


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