Two on the Aisle

It was the tiny leaves that caught my eye.

Tucked into a narrow crease between the tarp and a block of wood holding it in place. The slit was only 2 – 3 cm (about an inch) at the top, less that half that at the bottom.

What could possibly grow there? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

Wild geranium. White spruce. Dandelions. Moss. Several itty-bitties too small to identify. Nestled into a space no wider than a finger.

Given the most meagre environments, life takes hold. Something to remember.



6 thoughts on “Two on the Aisle

  1. I work on the docks, and you’d be surprised (or perhaps not) at how many plants take hold, even there. I like to call them “accidental gardens.” I’ve seen everything from asters, to plantain, to straggler daisy and white clover growing in the cracks. Then, the spiders and bugs set up shops, and the sparrows begin to patrol, to find a snack. Thus do worlds begin!

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