Between Two Worlds

The creek is is more than thirsty. Sluggish green water is all that remains, and that only in the deeper pools.

In between, just mud and drying rocks where butterflies puddle.

But in those slimy spots, a surprise: White water crowfoot.

The entire plant — except for the flowers — lives under water. Like land plants, the thread-like leaves make food but they absorb their carbon dioxide from water rather than air.

The leaves take on a fan shape, spreading out, interlocking with nearby plants and if conditions are right, form huge mats.

I found one today in full bloom. The water surface was blindingly white, each flower buoyed up by a short stalk, pointed to the sun.

An odd little plant related to columbine, clematis and larkspur.

Betwixt and between.

White water crowfoot   Ranunculus aquatilis ?


5 thoughts on “Between Two Worlds

    1. What a lovely compliment — that makes my day! When I make time to look around me — especially at the little things I often walk by — I discover something new. Ain’t it wonderful how that works. 🙂

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