Stop. Sit. Look.

Good advice. Glad I took it. Might have missed you otherwise.

On my homeward trek from the creek I took the cow path through the aspens. That’s when it happened.

I paused to look down and there you were. Never seen you around here before. But you’re well enough established that our lack of meeting is my oversight, not yours.

I scooted down, plunked my butt just off the trail and introduced myself.

You: spotted coralroot orchid. Me? Dumbstuck by your beauty.

Spotted coralroot orchid   Corallorhiza maculata

8 thoughts on “Stop. Sit. Look.

    1. Orchids bring up visions of proms and corsages … hardly aspen parkland or boreal forest. I found at least 2 other species earlier (little bog orchids) but sadly my camera isn’t good enough to capture them. Sign. Another time.


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