Bumblebee Bevy

I muttered recently about my efforts to capture bumblebees — too much bee and not enough bumble I wrote.

But that was BC (Before Chives): I’ve discovered that my chive plant is a bumblebee magnet.

I watched one bee for several minutes. She wasted no energy. Finished with one flower, she hopped to the next, circled it clockwise, checked the nectar traps, then buzzed off to another.

Me and the bumblebees. Happy in our work.

Bumblebee   Bombus spp.

10 thoughts on “Bumblebee Bevy

  1. Sally, can I ask a question? I get better pictures of bees with my little Panasonic with its Leica lens than i do with my Canon mark III 100ml macro. Any ideas? In fact the Panasonic with its 24-210ml range is often best for closeup work. What lens did you use? Thanks Judi

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    1. Sorry I’ve never used a DSLR so am at a loss as to what to suggest. As for a lens, my Canon doesn’t have interchangeable lenses. (Don’t have to lug a camera bag but good shots go wanting. Sigh.) My little camera does do sort-of macro but it’s frustrating as it often won’t focus no matter how hard I try. I’ve begun reading some of the camera review sites and trying to learn more about DOD, f/stop etc in hopes of improving. 🙂

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