Purple Rain

How many raindrops to bend a flower?
Droop its head, hunch its back?

Weight of water shifts their gaze but only briefly.
They bounce back.

We could learn from them: 
When the odds aren’t in your favour, embrace the moment — enjoy the rain.


4 thoughts on “Purple Rain

  1. I always enjoy seeing these — properly identified. I still get confused from time to time, since I grew up thinking that those potted beauties at Home Depot were the only geraniums in the world. Then, one of my British readers tried to straighten me out. At least I know now that there are geraniums that don’t look like our commercially sold species!

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    1. Naming is a challenge. It can turn one on or off in terms of interest so I’m often torn as to how much detail to provide. This woodland plant is Bicknell’s geranium (Geranium bicknelli). Your comment is timely – I’m going to relabel the photo as in my desire not to confuse I might just have done that as there is a wild white geranium too. This purple plant showed up in our yard years ago and now grows in great glorious profusion. A neighbour considers it a weed and works to erase all traces from her place. Takes all kinds 🙂


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