Butterflies are as hard for me to photograph as bumblebees.

My camera has only one lens so getting tight is a must. The problem? When you are small and weigh less than a whisper, looming shadows spell trouble. You leave. Sigh.

So I changed tactics, heading out at either end of the day in search of late risers or early-to-bedders.

Persistence paid off.

IMG_5505 Northern Pearl Crescent

Northern Pearl Crescent Butterfly   Phyciodes morpheus

13 thoughts on “Flutterby

    1. Thanks Ed! Are you a butterfly guy? I’m a newbie at ID’ing them and to my unpracticed eye several of them look the same. As for numbers, yes here too they seem to be everywhere which is why I thought it was time we met. 🙂


  1. I’m new to all this myself, and I’m really quite amazed by the ability of butterflies and other insects to sense movement from even quite a distance. Your photos are proof of the success of your plotting, though. I don’t beieve I’ve ever seen this butterfly, and it’s a real charmer.

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    1. Ah, another novice in the world of wings! If I’d ever seen it before it didn’t register. But since it let me get so close I decided I should at least try to find out who it was. 🙂


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