In the RAW

Nope. It’s not about me in the nude. It’s all about the camera.

Press the shutter and the image is digitally captured in one of two formats: jpeg (jpg) or RAW.

Jpeg is usually the default mode for most of us and most photos. And it does a good job. RAW is the choice of serious amateurs and professionals. It does a great job.

The downside? RAW is ravenous. It’s a memory pig. Shoot the same scene in both formats and compare. Depending on your settings, your jpeg file may weigh in at 1 or 2 MBs. RAW may gobble up 12 or 15.

So why would I do this? Two reasons.

First — macro envy. I’m fascinated by the detail DSLR cameras capture. But I don’t want to lug all that heavy equipment again.

Second — I currently edit in iPhoto. A better program will let me do much more, if I have the RAW detail to work with.

Here’s a recent example. I shot the first image in RAW and downloaded it to my computer. I cropped it to focus on the fly. Finally I exported it as a jpeg to the blog.

Sound fussy? Only the first time or so. The process is quick and easy.

Who knew I’d ever capture a fly eating pollen? (This is me, fully clothed, with a big grin on my face.)

Wild White Geranium   Geranium richardsonii


10 thoughts on “In the RAW

  1. Oh, gosh. I’ve been avoiding getting involved with RAW shooting, even though I upgraded my computer so I could deal with it. I have all the space and speed I need now. I have the programs that will do the processing. So…. what’s keeping me from making the move? I suppose that it seems so complicated from the outside.

    Maybe I’ve found the answer to that question that’s everywhere these days: “What are you doing the weekend of July 4?” I have just the subject for trying it out, too. I’ve been wishing I had a macro lens to deal with a pair of disembodied damselfly eyes. Maybe I can do it, anyway.

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    1. Hi Shoreacres … I also thought a macro lens was the answer. This past weekend a good friend and excellent photographer walked me through my thoughts about photography and what I want to do with it. (He’d tried to convince me to try RAW once before, but I didn’t take it seriously. Silly woman.)

      Since more equipment was a poor second choice for me (I just want to pick up my small Canon and go, no extra lenses etc.) he focussed on software. He showed me how he edits in Photoshop and Bridge and what is possible with RAW. So, a hard drive upgrade, more RAM and Lightroom for editing. I’m a happy gal. 🙂

      As for this weekend — go for it! Just take photos and try it. I’ll be interested to see what you get.


    1. Thanks for the kind words. I think I’m hooked … not for everything, as jpeg has its place. But for those macro shots I’ve been so eager to try, this opens a big wide door without adding extra baggage. Yahoo!

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