Who You Be?

Looking for green lily buds my eyes landed on a stem tipped with this amazing (to me) spider.

Most spiders I meet are rather plain and dark but this one shouted: Look at me! Orange. Yellow. Lime. Black spots!

BugGuide had a name: I’d found a female sixspotted orbweaver.

Unfortunately the name was about it. As for many creepy crawlers, information about their lives is lacking. Not as interesting — or as easy — to study as trees or toads or bears, I guess.

While still revelling in my “rare” find, Ma Nature hit me again. The next day I brushed against a stem in the garden and found another sixspot dangling from my finger.

A reminder that seeing is more than looking.

Sixspotted orbweaver   Araniella displicata
Green lily   Zygadenus elegans


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