Here’s Lookin’ At You, Kid

I don’t get to see the underside of life very often. Bugs and butterflies don’t take kindly to being upended.

Finding this large aspen tortrix moth on my window was a perfect opportunity to check out the undercarriage. Quite different from the bland topside view — this is right out of a sci/fi movie.

This spring its larvae devastated huge swaths of aspen poplar, eating all the leaves until limbs and twigs were bare. Their silk festooned the woods, draping over everything below, right down to the forest floor.

The trees are slowly recovering and the moths are disappearing. Cycles within cycles.

Large aspen tortrix   Choristoneura conflictana

4 thoughts on “Here’s Lookin’ At You, Kid

    1. Hard not to like something that looks so awkward (tho’ the aspens have an entirely different take on the matter!). I agree about opportunities … a matter of training the eye for some folks, but wonder and surprise await us all.


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