8 thoughts on “Coming Up For Air

  1. I still remember one of my first recognitions that nature might not always be cute and kind. I grew up in Iowa, and after a good summer rain, the robins would feast, pulling very reluctant worms from the ground. The only thing that made it bearable for young me was also seeing the parent robins feeding those hungry babies in the nest.


    1. We share similar memories. (Sometimes that cycle included a neighbourhood cat who dined on young birds.) Many movies and TV shows perpetuated the myth of a kind and loving nature … but those are human lenses we wear in our effort to make the world less frightening and more understandable. There are indeed loving and gentle aspects to many other life forms (not all is base instinct) but as the saying goes, “It is what it is” and wishing otherwise has no effect. I enjoy the “what is” everyday … and when life ends (even of the smallest form) my hope is that it be quick and painless.

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    1. I do try to see the other side, Pete … 🙂 After no rain for several months, except dribs and drabs, our cups now definitely run over … but no complaints. Our woods were like a tinder box. Now they’re breathing again and soaking up the wet.

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