In Search of Fungi

Just Add Water featured mushrooms that sprang up following our recent heavy rains.

Before the woods dried out I sought them out again. I was not disappointed.

I found them growing along animal trails, in thick feather moss, on rotting wood, in squirrel middens — tall, short, thin, thick, solitary and bunched together. Such an array.

These intriguing fungi spend their lives underground. For brief moments they pop up into the world of light, produce spores, then retreat again to darkness. If we’re lucky we catch a glimpse of this wonder.

P.S. The fungi in the featured image were growing on a rotting branch. I turned it upwards to take this photo — then carefully replaced it back in its original position. Let’s walk lightly with as little disruption as possible.

8 thoughts on “In Search of Fungi

  1. My first thought when I saw your second photo (titled “gorgeous pattern of light and shadow”) is that it would make a terrific night light. When I went looking, to see if anyone had done that already, I found plenty of mushroom night lights, but they were mostly fanciful: red with blue dots, that sort of thing. Now that I think of it, I’m surprised that I’ve never seen such a thing in a museum or nature center shop. Perhaps some marketing guru has figured out that the market for fungi-themed objects isn’t as great as for flowers or birds.

    I very much like “upwards, ever upwards.” The woodsy, glade-like setting appeals as much as the fungi.

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    1. Shoreaces … thank you for your lovely comments. They made my day! I’ve never seen one like “light and shadow” where the gills are in pockets rather than slits. As for the night light, maybe you could market the idea. 🙂


  2. Lovely gallery Sally. I like your creative approach to environmental composition and imagine you crawling around, as I’m apt to do, looking for the angle and distance that best capture the beauty of these fruiting bodies!


    1. Thanks very much, Nick. It’s lots of fun getting close and personal with the earth and what’s growing there — low and slow turns up many unexpected surprises. This year was more or less a bust as far as mushrooms went. Too hot and dry here in Central Alberta. But since we live in Next Year Country, who knows what next spring will bring. 🙂


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