Owed to Winter

Rosy cheeks
Runny nose
Chilly fingers
Frost-nipped toes.

Yup. Winter has launched a shot across autumn’s bow. The faint drizzle yesterday turned into several centimetres of the white stuff by morning.

But the temps will rise later this week and the panic to install snow tires, replace the weather stripping and buy new gloves will wane. After all, winter is months way.


Wild rose hip   Rosa acicularis


6 thoughts on “Owed to Winter

  1. What a beautiful photo of the rose hip. Bright color in the midst of snow really is a treat. On the other hand — snow? Now? It’s hard to imagine at our latitude, but it is nearing mid-October. Our turn will come: if not snow, at least cold significant enough to lead to conversation.


    1. Yes, snow has arrived. (Hopefully) winter is still offstage, tho’ this opening act is a reminder of what awaits. Ruffed grouse have eaten most of the rose hips in our yard so I was lucky to find one still untouched. 🙂

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    1. Yes, Steve, I live in Alberta (aka The Great White North. Where snow can fall any month of the year. (And has!) Hopefully this will disappear in a few days and we’ll get back to more seasonal weather. The Rockies looked great this morning and I’m sure the skiers are dusting off their equipment in hopes of an early start to the season. 🙂


      1. Then, of course, there’s cheque, colour, neighbour … etc. Let me know if you’re heading north … I’ll save some snow. 🙂

        P.S. I was out wandering through a neighbour’s pasture, hiking the sunny side and found a strawberry! Winter ain’t here yet.


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