On Track


I wandered a muddy dirt road after the recent snowfall melted looking for tracks. This day I got lucky — I also spotted the track-makers.

I surprised two white-tailed does and their fawns grazing in a nearby field. A flick of their tails and the does disappeared into the bush before I got my camera out.

The fawns were a bit slower (wake up kids, it’s a dangerous world out there) — no time to focus, only to click the shutter before they, too, vanished among the trees.


White-tailed deer   Odocoileus virginianus

6 thoughts on “On Track

  1. I surprised a deer on one of our prairies about a month ago, in the early morning. It was only after I shared the photo with a friend that we realized the doe probably was pregnant! I’d share the photo with you now, but I’m traveling and working with a wifi connection that’s only powerful enough to handle mail and comments. No matter. Your’s is treasure enough!


      1. You’ll see some, but I fear not until I get back home. I’ll spare you the gory details, but I can’t process and upload photos. I can comment, check mail, and write posts, but I figured out post-purchase that iPads don’t allow you to upload photos. Sigh. Live and learn, as they say. But I have found a treasure or two, botanically speaking, that I will share later.


      2. I know those why-didn’t-I-figure-that-out-before situations well! So what are you doing with all your photos? Do you have a big memory card (or several)? Yikes, what a conundrum. 🙂


      3. Yes, I have about a half-dozen 32 GB cards with me. I go through them every night, and delete the truly bad ones. Then, I upload copies to my laptop. The problem is, I can’t get them from the clunker of a lapper to WordPress. Oh, me. I see a new laptop in my future, as well as the iPad. But not for a while — after this little escapade, I won’t be able to afford that for a couple of years!

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