Lounge Lizard

This is a first for me — an eastern collared lizard. I spotted this male on a large boulder, a favourite spot to perch. This lizard is unmistakeable: two black collars and a striking blue-green body. This one was more than a foot long.

I happened to look up at just the right time, and there he was, enjoying a hot day on the desert.

The large head and strong jaws are no match for insects, spiders and other lizards, even young of their own species. Occasionally small birds and mammals end up as supper.

According to those who know (first-hand experience is a great teacher) this beautiful lizard is aggressive and if bothered can give you a memorable bite. So best keep your fingers to yourself if you encounter one. 🙂

Eastern collared lizard   Crotaphytus collaris




12 thoughts on “Lounge Lizard

  1. He’s extraordinarily handsome, and your photos are great. The colors are fabulous. I’m quite a fan of teal and adobe (or other blue and brown combinations) so I’d be happy to hang around and photograph this one.

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