Hang ‘Em High

On a trip to the desert yesterday with Jeff I found this speckled spider dangling in a clump of brittlebush. She was almost invisible among the flower stalks.

Using Jeff’s macro lens I was (sort of) able to capture her and parts of her web. A very shallow depth of field turned the clusters of sun-yellow flowers into a pale backdrop.

I handheld the big lens — it weighs more than the camera — so the focus is a tad off. But I’m pleased. Don’t know what the spider thought of it. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Hang ‘Em High

  1. I’d be pleased, too. Spiders are so cool. I’m seeing more than I’ve ever seen before, now that I have my camera. I suppose the truth is that I’m looking more closely for them. I’ve never seen one like this, though! I like that you were able to show its web so well.


    1. Hanging webs are difficult to see on the desert. I usually “see” them after I’ve walked through them, dragging silk and possibly a woebegone spider in my wake.

      Ground webs, on the other hand, are everywhere — and especially easy to find on early mornings when the low-angled sun lights up the silk blankets. If I remember not to stomp around in my hiking boots I’m sometimes lucky enough to find a spider sitting in the doorway. 🙂


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