‘Tis the Season

Hedgehog cactus — one of my favourites— has started to bloom here on the Sonoran Desert.

Early one morning last week we walked up a rocky knoll in the shadow of a mountain and found this delightful bouquet.

Lots of flowers already and more to come.

Hedgehog cactus   Echinocereus spp.

13 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. I know a woman in England who rescues hedgehogs. These do bear a bit of a resemblance to her hedgehogs; they’re cute, and almost furry. I don’t believe petting one would be a good idea, though. The flowers are so pretty — do they come only in pink?


    1. I’ve always called these strawberry hedgehogs tho’ recently someone said they might be golden hedgehogs … two different species. Rather than argue over which is which, I just enjoy. The claret cup, another hedgehog, comes in fluorescent orange. Photos I’ve seen are gorgeous but they don’t grow in this part of the country. (They do appear in Texas, so maybe you’ll encounter them.) There are other species that are deep magenta. All beautiful, but none as cute as a four-legged hedgehog 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Kathy. The Sonoran Desert may appear sparse but having spent time here I’m continually surprised by its rich diversity. Where do hang your hat?


      1. Are you still snowbound? We’ll be heading north soon, back to Canada. I’ll miss the desert but the heat will drive us out. 🙂


      2. Sorry for my delay. Snow gone!! Except for a tiny pile at the end of our driveway. Good riddance, I say…although all in all it’s been a pretty mild winter.


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