The camera and I don’t always agree on what we see.

I looked and saw reflections in a pool of water, a soft breeze rippling the surface.

Fractured 2

The camera — with a mind of its own — found the unexpected wonder.





6 thoughts on “Freeze-Frame

    1. Love it! Does that mean spring is finally going to arrive?!? This shot reminds me of crazing, those fine hairline cracks that appear in old porcelain. These serendipitous shots are one of the reasons I love photography …

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  1. This made me smile because its happened to me, too. Now I choose where to focus when I come on this kind of scene but often I focus twice – once for the water surface and once for the reflection. Then playing with the shutter speed adds more possibilities to the ripples and shapes. I love the first one but the joy here is in the way you convey your discovery.


    1. Your thoughtful comment is much appreciated. This camera and I are still working on our relationship — some days are better than others but each time we set out I learn something. Do you use filters? I’ve been thinking of getting 1 or 2 (ND and polarizing) … new territory to explore.


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