We lock eyes across the barbwire fence
Surprised at our unexpected meeting
Me on the road
You in the hay field.

I count the steps between us
We are seconds apart.

But you measure distance differently
      by guns and snares
      poison bait and pelts.

You turn and lope away.

The gap

Red fox   Vulpes vulpes


10 thoughts on “Encounter

    1. A tough shot too … I was heading home after splashing around some sloughs and had packed the camera up. Luckily I was driving along a seldom-used road so was able to remove the lens cover and fire up the camera, one hand on the steering wheel as I pulled over and one with the camera. Altho’ the camera was in shutter mode, the speed wasn’t as fast as I would have liked. He may not be in focus in most of my shots, but he certainly is clear and sharp in my memory. 🙂

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    1. Foxes capture my heart whenever I see them. A few years back a female moved into our yard and had 6 kits under one of our sheds. She showed no fear of us — we might be working in the garden or sitting outside and she would walk calmly by or plop down near us to rest after hunting. We couldn’t imagine what would possess a wildling to be so trusting. The pups, all but one, were the same, showing no fear. We never tried to pat them or pick them up — it was enough to share their world for a brief time.


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