Horse Tale 2

The other half of the Horse Tale showed up a few days ago. Bright, vivid green sterile horsetail stalks are leaping (or would that be rearing?) out of the ground.

This side-by-side pair shows what the 2 stems look like — the new green sterile shoot and the old brown fertile one that produced spores.

Sterile (left) and fertile (right) horsetail stems

I also found something I’d never seen before — a brown fertile stalk with green shoots. What caused this? Just when you think you might have some things figured out Mother Nature throws a spanner in the works.

What's happening here?

These green stalks are only a few days old. Check out the feature image on Horse Tale 2 to see what they’ll look like when they’re full grown.

Field horsetail   Equisetum arvense



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