Shy Violets

The excitement of finding a Calypso orchid was enough to make my day. But the surprises weren’t over — just a few feet away was a scattering of white violets. I’d walked right by them without even noticing.

The dainty blossoms stand almost vertical, rather than face-up, and so seem to disappear into the undergrowth. Unlike many violets, the top two petals fold back and the two side ones come forward giving a wimple-like appearance to the flower.

These perennial violets are widespread across Canada and the northern US, favouring damp, cool woods.

Dainty lady of the forest

Dainty ladies of the forest

White violet/Kidney-leaf violet   Viola renifolia


10 thoughts on “Shy Violets

    1. Since I posted that I’d found about a dozen other plants, tucked neatly away from human eyes but quite easily spotted by those built closer to the ground. I wonder if squirrels and voles and shrews enjoy beauty?


  1. Sweet!

    Love the ‘feel’ of this place! I grew up, unlike you, in a city, but there was this urge to escape into the wild that grew and grew. Some parallels, too, with a box holding a Brownie probably near my 10th year, then on to a Pentax SLR. Sadly cameras do eventually give up the ghost, especially those that travel everywhere with us.

    My blogging participation has been extremely spotty lately while I get ready to move to my little dream corner tucked away as immersed in nature as I could possible manage. Looking forward to the new discoveries. Thanks for the suggestion re my mystery plant. I searched phacelias, but I don’t think it’s a match. The plant looks to be a bit more vine-like, clinging to the rocky hillside behind the house. It’s not critical to ID it, but I am trying to learn about the flora and fauna in my new location. It’s part of the fun.


    1. Interesting parallels with our lives, Gunta. I wonder how many others started their photo journey with a Brownie? What camera are you using now? I’m still learning my way around the Sony. Some days I love it. Other days, hmmm … . Unfortunately I don’t think it does closeups as well as my Canon G12. I used to get good shots by handholding … I need to use a tripod most of the time to get close to that quality with the Sony. Lucky you to have found a special place to put down roots. I look forward to reading more about your discoveries in your new “heart spot”.


      1. These days I have a Canon Rebel. I’ve thought of upgrading since my partner is really adept at pointing out birds. I’m still working on my skills at capturing those lovely creatures, but my eyes aren’t what they used to be and learning all the new bells and whistles seems a bit daunting as well. I’m hoping once we’re FINALLY settled in the “new” house (it’s only taken two years), I’ll be able to get back to hauling the camera around. The photo bug has been dormant throughout much of this moving venture.
        I’ve been told by so many folks to use a tripod, but that seems to take the spontaneity out of the adventure. I settle for whatever I can get with handheld. It’s not always perfect, but I’m far too impatient to be hauling that extra bit of gear around, not to mention jiggling with it. O_o


      2. I’ve been reluctant to go back to using a tripod. (I still have 2 very old ones from my Pentax days which I’ve started using again.) I like hiking and slinging a camera over my shoulder as I head out is so simple — having to haul along lenses, extra batteries, tripod, bag etc does reduce the spontaneity quotient. I’m checking out more modern lightweight tripods to see if one might suit my needs. Egads, who knew you could spend $1000 or more, not including the head. I’m definitely NOT that interested! Photography can definitely take a big bite out of one’s bank account. 🙂


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