Gone With The Wind

If farmers harvested dandelions, this would be a bumper crop. Yellow flowers are so thick on pastures and fields this spring it looks as though they’ve been planted. It’s like walking on a carpet.

As an immigrant it’s done well. Europeans supposedly brought it with them to North America, growing it for food and medicine. Not so anymore. It’s a target for anyone who likes a weed-free garden and lawn. Too bad. It really is a most attractive plant.

Of course all that yellow turns into seeds that are borne away by the lightest breath of air, continuing the cycle of conquering new lands or re-seeding old ones. 🙂




Common dandelion   Taraxacum officinale

2 thoughts on “Gone With The Wind

  1. They are pretty, even at the end of their cycle. My, we used to enjoy blowing those seeds around — much to the chagrin of our fathers, who did battle with them every year. I see this species far less often than I used to (at least, here in coastal Texas), but we have our native dandelion which may be out-competing these.


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