Flight Disrupted

An early morning walk
Took me along the dew-damp ditch
Past barbwire and sleepy cows.

Stooped to see the flowers
Pink and blue
Discover dandelion seeds
Among the spider silk and tiny hairs.

Common dandelion   Taraxacum officinale
Tall lungwort   Mertenisa paniculata


4 thoughts on “Flight Disrupted

  1. This is nice, but I don’t know how I missed “Point of Hue.” That’s a wonderful post! No matter how they’re arranged or presented, dandelion seeds are the best.


    1. Yup, fun indeed. I found one this morning that was neat but just couldn’t get a good shot. The wet weather has produced extra long stalks. This one was coiled snake-like on the ground, the last few inches and the seed head upright like a cobra. Another time perhaps.

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