Full House

A range of appetites — lust to dust — happening here. The crab spider has snagged a fly for supper and a pair of blister beetles are busy making baby beetles. Meanwhile, almost out of sight, another beetle minding its own business.

Blister beetles (one of the longhorn beetles) are a staple of our roses. Judging by last summer each rose will soon house at least one.

Mating longhorn beetles with unidentified beetle

Although the beetles didn’t pay me any attention the crab spider was more alert and started to drag her meal off the petal.

Crab spider & fly and longhorn beetles

Crab sider and fly

The spider settled down after a few minutes and hauled her catch back up again.

Full house

Next time you pass a blossom take a second look — who’s living in your flowers?

Blister beetle   Lytta spp. ?
Goldenrod crab spider   Misumena vatia
Prickly wild rose   Rosa acicularis        (Provincial flower of Alberta)


11 thoughts on “Full House

    1. It was definitely a surprise, Pete. In fact I didn’t notice the little shy beetle until I’d taken several shots. I guess everyone was focussed on his or her own business. 🙂

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  1. I’m continually surprised by the number of insects I find in flowers. I think the most impressive are the prickly pear blooms — at least, in the numbers and varieties of bees and flies they can support at one time. You have the equivalent of a daytime soap opera happening here — the only thing missing is the ne-er-do-well kid who wants to come back home. It’s great that you happened to find it.

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