Woodland Bouquet

Unlike the butterflies that are in short supply this summer twin flowers have appeared in great abandon, gracing the floor of our woods with delicate pink clusters among the rush of green. Like pixie caps. Or tiny bells.

Twin flower

In the shade of spruce and aspen, their tiny evergreen leaves wind through the cool dampness among the bunchberry, rotting logs and clumps of moss trailing colour in their wake.

Twin flower

Twin flower   Linnaea borealis

7 thoughts on “Woodland Bouquet

  1. I’ve admired them on montucky’s blog, and now I see that you have them, too. They are lovely beyond words. With their long stem, they remind me of our oxalis.


    1. Montana and Alberta have many species in common — it’s interesting to see what Terry’s posting as vegetation there is ahead of us by a week or two or more. Always nice to get a preview of upcoming events! We have several species of Oxalis in AB; it’s often called wood sorrel.

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