First Light

Just after dawn I set out along the gravel road. At the spot I had marked I climbed over the barbwire fence and through a maze of tall willows.

Years ago someone had dug a water hole here for cattle. Now only wildlings come to drink.

Over time nature reclaimed the huge hump of dirt and planted her own garden. This morning the rising sun revealed what she sowed.

Arnica   Arnica spp.

4 thoughts on “First Light

    1. She certainly does! Thistles love this hump of dirt too as do many other plants. And of course bees and wasps come to the flowers. Dragonflies hatch in the dugout, ducks dabble, elk and moose come to drink. A wonderful microcosm.

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    1. Hmmm. Good question but I don’t have an answer. Maybe a herbalist? We have several arnicas here — maybe they all work? I’d be interested to know what you find out. 🙂


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