The Story of a Flower

Blue clematis caught my eye this spring when I found a few patches on Snake Hill. I checked back over the coming weeks to watch the changes.

Blossoms about to open

Shady Lady

Version 2



This perennial vine is beautiful at all stages but like many members of the buttercup family it’s poisonous. (Especially for dogs, apparently.)

Should you be inclined to pop leaves or flowers into your mouth expect a strong burning sensation et cetera. Handling or inhaling parts of the plant can also cause irritation though I’ve handled the plant several times and haven’t noticed any effect. Forewarned.

Blue clematis   Clematis verticellaris var. columbiana


8 thoughts on “The Story of a Flower

    1. Thanks, Terry. It’s been fun following its “story”. I may bring some seeds back as we have a poplar in our yard (the rest is spruce) that may suit a patch of these lovelies.

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  1. We don’t have this one. We do have three native clematis species that behave in roughly the same way, but I really was interested in the note about this one’s poisonous (or at least irritating) nature. I’m going to have to look up ours and see what the experts say. I’ve never experienced any problems with them, but now that I think about it, I haven’t handled them much, and I certainly haven’t tried to eat one. Your photos are great — I do love seeing all the stages, and this one’s stages are equally attractive.


    1. Thanks so much for your words — I always look forward to hearing from you. I hadn’t really thought about this plant being poisonous so I checked it out further. Perhaps the skin irritation depends on the person. As for eating one, hmmm. Never crossed my mind!


    1. It has been fun seeing the changes too! I’ve not really done that with other flowers … they usually just have 2 main phases, flower and seed head. Clematis on the other hand goes through definite changes. Planting some wild seed in the yard could be in my future. “-)

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