Spider Ma’am

Tis the season to be prolific — at least among the wolf spiders. I’ve recently begun seeing a number of females carrying egg sacs. The sacs — each containing dozens of eggs — are attached to their spinnerets so they carry them wherever they go.

The wolf spider is a protective mother. When the eggs hatch the spiderlings crawl onto her back. They grab onto special hairs with a knob-like ending — “hair handles” — to keep themselves from falling off. Clever.

I took this pic September 26, 2016 — the only one I’ve ever managed to get of a female with young. The bodies are translucent yellow; the legs are almost clear which makes them difficult to see.

Female wolf spider with young

Wolf spiders are among my favourite spiders. Like their namesake they are hunters, running down their prey instead of spinning a web and waiting for something to tumble into it.

Wolf spider

Wolf spider   Pardosa spp.




6 thoughts on “Spider Ma’am

  1. That’s a spider that I like very much too. Sometimes I will have one in the house and I always catch it in my hand and carefully transport it outside where we are both better off.


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