Falling into Autumn

When autumn arrives in Alberta it doesn’t come with the glamour and flare of eastern Canada where colour spreads like wild fire across the landscape. Yes, aspens turn gold here and bring their share of ooo’s and ahhh’s with blue skies and dark spruce as a backdrop. And cities — with ever-increasing exotic plants and trees — have their share of colour.

I prefer the quiet corners and little seen spots where autumn colour, when I find it, brings a feeling of delight and joy, a special corner of the world.

Right now in our woods bunchberry is painting the understory with reds and purples. There’s dried grass. And fading leaves of lungworts, roses, fleabanes and strawberries.

It’s all a beautiful toss-up of colours and textures, a see-you-next-season greeting card just waiting to be discovered.







8 thoughts on “Falling into Autumn

  1. We are starting to see the autumn colour here. It did look as if we were in for a early colourful one, tonight we have strong winds that will bring a lot of leaves down.


    1. It’s such a short season some times, isn’t it? Strong winds this aft here — brought down some leaves. More will no doubt fall with the snow forecast for later tonight. Sigh.


    1. Thanks, Terry. Glad I got these shots as we are supposed to get snow overnight. If it’s only a light fall the colours should still show through — a good excuse to head out with the camera again. 🙂


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