First Snow

We knew it was coming: Fierce wind, biting cold, swirling clouds of snow. Still, last winter’s memories had faded. Toques, boots, mitts, jackets β€” all had been relegated to a dark corner of the basement. We had forgotten the shock such a turn in the weather can bring.

Today it all came rushing back. Winter gear was resurrected and the snow shovel that had languished behind the shed since last spring was dragged to the deck and a pathway cleared down the steps.

Tomorrow? The sun will return, the temperature will rise and by Thursday this will probably have melted.



12 thoughts on “First Snow

  1. It’s just about impossible for me to imagine such a thing. Of course I know it’s happening, but this is the time of year when the gap between north and south can be most striking. No matter how long I stare at the calendar and tell myself that it’s autumn, it just doesn’t work. One of these days it will — but right now I have snow envy!


      1. Wouldn’t that be fun? But way too costly, I know. When I was a kid we would save snowballs in the freezer, just so we could have one last snowball fight before spring took over completely.


  2. It’s funny being in a country that has such wonderful season changes. This week we went from hot summer to chill wind autumn with showers. I moved to France this year from continous homogenous grey England. I found your bloy yesterday and love your photography.:)


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