7 thoughts on “Storm Warning

  1. Nearby mountains are covered in snow. Ski areas are predicting an early opening. Fortunately, I’m like Montucky and have a four when drive pickup. Plus the snow is putting out the last fires! Bring it on! 🙂 –Curt


  2. What a different world. On the other hand, when my mother moved down here from Iowa, she brought the snow shovel she always kept in the trunk of her car, and insisted that we carry it with us at all time. So we did. I did use it once — to help get out of beach sand. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the chuckle — yes, sand can be a problem. She was wise to carry that shovel. 🙂 We live in rural Alberta where roads are not always plowed, whiteouts make it impossible to see the driving lane and if you go in the ditch you need to be prepared to get yourself out or wait until help arrives. So we each have emergency gear bags along with shovel, hatchet, matches, yada yada yada. Thankfully we’ve not had to use any of this but it’s there just in case.


    1. Toto would agree. I live in Alberta. When I first moved here a Calgary woman, born and raised in Cowtown, said: “My dear, there are only two seasons here — winter and Stampede Week.” Some years it seemed she wasn’t far wrong. Another wiseacre quipped: “It’s 8 months of snow and 4 months of poor sledding.” 🙂


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