6 thoughts on “The Blues

  1. It’s a beautiful image. If this is what having the blues looks like, sign me up. I’m wondering if your river fog is the same as our occasional sea fog in winter. When a strong cold front comes in over still-warm water, the can look as though someone left a cauldron steaming on the stove.

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    1. Lovely image of the steaming kettle. Yup, river fog forms much the same way — somehow seeing the fog makes it seem not-quite-winter. Once the river freezes over it’s adios ’til spring. 🙂


    1. Thanks, Pete. When I took this photo I didn’t think much of it — too limited in the range of colour. I also don’t do many landscapes. (There’s not a lot when you live in the woods!) But the subtleness surprised me. The soft colours made the mountains seem softer and more accessible.

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