Hip, Hip, Hooray

Rose hip: The fruit of a rose.

Rose hips figure high on the foods-I-like-to-eat for ruffed grouse. They’re packed with vitamin C, fibre and lots of essential minerals.

About 6 grouse visit our yard so rose hips are becoming scarce. They picked the low-hanging ones early in the fall. Later they climbed into the rose bushes to eat them. But there are still some left.

The other day I was taking shots of grouse through the kitchen window. I watched as one female spotted a small hip dangling above her. Could she get it?

Seems so. 🙂

Ruffed grouse

Ruffed grouse  Bonasa umbellus


6 thoughts on “Hip, Hip, Hooray

    1. Me too, Terry. I could almost hear the wheels going around in her head. I clicked the shutter just as she launched and couldn’t believe my luck. (I still need more practice with moving objects. 🙂 . )

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