Fenced in by Winter

Enough with the cold.
The snow.
The wind chill.


So I added a little colour.
It’s warmer already.

16 thoughts on “Fenced in by Winter

  1. That’s the spirit ! You have far more snow than we doβ€”must be those mountains in your back yard. These two winter photos are treasures; I really love the ice garden, too. Hugs, Judi

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    1. Brrr. Is that usual for you at this time of year? We’re actually going to be a degree or two above freezing for the rest of week before sinking back into the deep freeze. Crazy winter. Bundle up!


  2. I know about the powder snow, but I didn’t realize there’s confetti snow, too! If I was living in a place that cold, I’d want to do everything I could to warm things up, that’s for sure.

    We’re sitting at 30F now, and I’m thinking, “Enough, already!” Our buildings aren’t made for this, and the cold seeps in everywhere — not to mention having to navigate through the jungle of plants that have to come indoors temporarily. Bringing in the plants used to be a winter ritual, but I haven’t had to do it for two or three years. In a way, it’s nice to be back to more normal patterns.


    1. Here’s to warmer weather wending your way soon. We’re actually going to get just above freezing today and for the rest of the week β€” quite a change from the last week or so. Saturday night we went from -28C to -7C by Sunday afternoon. (That’s about -20 to +20F.) It almost felt like spring β€” except for places here that had wind chill temps of -30 to -40C. It was so cold across Canada on New Year’s Eve that most outdoor celebrations were cancelled. Bring on that confetti! πŸ™‚

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  3. You have snow, we had high winds in Auge-France – my temporary garage turned out to be more temporary than we planned. We are in London for a few weeks and got an email today from our neighbour. The whole garage has collapsed and the corrugated roof had taken off and travelled. Luckily no one was hurt, but not sure about the car. Be glad too when the Spring comes so we can remedy a few winter problems.


    1. Oh, Judi! Hardly the news one wants to get while on holiday. Will hold out hope that the car survived. Hope the winter misadventures don’t detract too much from your time away.


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