18 thoughts on “A Recipe for Winter

    1. Hi Curt — this winter has been particularly interesting. (Some might have another word for it — there has been a LOT of snow!) 🙂


      1. I know! I am sitting here in Connecticut watching it melt from the last snowstorm. And more is predicted for Wednesday. It’s also predicted to be snowing when I get back to Oregon on Friday. I’m sure spring is around here somewhere. 🙂


      2. Lucky you, Curt! Wherever you go there’s snow! A friend about 20 miles to the east of us saw a bluebird yesterday — I’m taking that as a sign that winter is (maybe) (almost) (sort of) done. 🙂


      3. We saw some Robins in our yard before we headed East. My guess is that they are now regretting their ‘early bird gets the worm’ routine, Sally. 🙂 –Curt


    1. Thanks, Terry. It’s warming up here this week so perhaps by spring’s official arrival we’ll even see some dead grass poking out of the earth. How’s the snow level at your place?

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  1. The fact that you mentioned “recipes” made me wonder — did you ever make snow cream? It was quite the custom when I was growing up, and I know people who still do ice. Nature’s ice cream, it is!


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