Remains of the Day

Despite our best efforts to camouflage our windows, a few birds continue to hit the glass. Reflections of the surrounding trees make it look like just part of the forest.

If the birds are lucky it’s only a glancing blow. Others succumb to the impact and die — which is what happened to this ruffed grouse.

We placed her body a few feet into the bush. Within hours all that remained was the feathers.

Who benefitted from her untimely end? Foxes live nearby so perhaps their hunt for a meal was easier today.

Ruffed grouse feathers

Ruffed grouse feathers

Ruffed grouse   Bonasa umbellus


7 thoughts on “Remains of the Day

  1. It’s always distressing when that happens. Every now and then a predator will try for a bathing or drinking bird on my balcony, and the prey hits the sliding glass doors in an attempt to escape. I’ve never had one perish, thank goodness. What amazes me is that none of the hawks ever hit, as fast as they come in. Their ability to turn at the last minute’s remarkable.

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    1. It is said, but the fox kits ate well. The hawks and falcons are formidable. A small hawk has been making regular passes through our yard, scattering songbirds at the water dish. Amazing agility.

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