Caught in the Rain

The expression “drowned rat” came to mind when I found this bedraggled bumblebee.

Over the last two days more than 5 cm (about 2 in) of rain has fallen in sudden heavy downpours. Not everyone found shelter before the storms hit.

Its usual soft fuzzy hair is plastered flat, exposing the shiny black exoskeleton — a new view of a familiar garden visitor.

A bad hair day? Definitely.

Bumblebee   Bombus spp.

Bumblebee Bevy

I muttered recently about my efforts to capture bumblebees — too much bee and not enough bumble I wrote.

But that was BC (Before Chives): I’ve discovered that my chive plant is a bumblebee magnet.

I watched one bee for several minutes. She wasted no energy. Finished with one flower, she hopped to the next, circled it clockwise, checked the nectar traps, then buzzed off to another.

Me and the bumblebees. Happy in our work.

Bumblebee   Bombus spp.