Flight Disrupted

An early morning walk
Took me along the dew-damp ditch
Past barbwire and sleepy cows.

Stooped to see the flowers
Pink and blue
Discover dandelion seeds
Among the spider silk and tiny hairs.

Common dandelion   Taraxacum officinale
Tall lungwort   Mertenisa paniculata


Two on the Aisle

It was the tiny leaves that caught my eye.

Tucked into a narrow crease between the tarp and a block of wood holding it in place. The slit was only 2 – 3 cm (about an inch) at the top, less that half that at the bottom.

What could possibly grow there? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

Wild geranium. White spruce. Dandelions. Moss. Several itty-bitties too small to identify. Nestled into a space no wider than a finger.

Given the most meagre environments, life takes hold. Something to remember.



Just Because

This unplanned shot didn’t seem special when I took it. Just another bunch of dandelions gone to seed in the lane.

Back at the computer, however, it popped off the screen. I fell in love with the crisp outlines, the bright colours, the dark background.

Even the ordinary can surprise us.

Common dandelion   Taraxacum officinale