The Silk Road

Some times Ma Nature slaps you up the side of the head. Just to make sure you’re paying attention.

She did it to me this morning. I was wandering through our woods, head down, looking for flowers. Not much luck. Sigh.

As I moved from shade to a small sun-lit glade I looked up. That’s when she smacked me.

It was breath-stopping.

The entire glade, every tree — twig, branch and trunk — was festooned with silk threads shimmering in the light, as though they were alive.

Up. Down. Sideways. Loops, lines and clumps. Draping from tree to tree, like some great aerial road map.

I stared in disbelief. Minutes passed before I remembered my camera.

I took nearly a hundred shots though none comes close to capturing the awe I felt. But that’s okay. It was, truly, unforgettable.

As for the silk makers?

Their story is to come …