One for the Books

It was a bizarre sight. If I was a tabloid writer I might have titled this piece “Mosquito Eats Caterpillar”.

Caterpillars appeared on the honeysuckle about the same time as the flower buds.

My early attempts to photograph the critters caught only the back end — the head was buried in the cluster of buds. In fact, to the casual observer they look surprisingly like the buds they dine on.

Caterpillar on twining honeysuckle

When I finally found a caterpillar stretched along a thin branch I took several shots. About the third shot, “holy cow” blew past my lips.

Was that a mosquito?

Indeed it was. It had landed on the caterpillar and as I watched, it sank its sharp little proboscis down into the unsuspecting bud-eater.

The yin and yang of spring.

P.S. How rare is this? If you’re so inclined, you can dip into the research.