Moss only grows on the north side of trees. Do survival texts still tell us to look for moss if we want to know which way is north?

It used to be standard rhetoric for Boy Scouts (and presumably any Girl Guide who chose to wander into the woods on her own, unaccompanied by an aforementioned Boy Scout).

Another good story debunked by Mother Nature. This grove of aspens is facing south; each tree sports a dark green collar of moss around its base.

Northside-only moss is on par with leaving a trail of breadcrumbs — best for fairy tales. A compass or GPS makes for a safer travelling companion. 🙂


Two on the Aisle

It was the tiny leaves that caught my eye.

Tucked into a narrow crease between the tarp and a block of wood holding it in place. The slit was only 2 – 3 cm (about an inch) at the top, less that half that at the bottom.

What could possibly grow there? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

Wild geranium. White spruce. Dandelions. Moss. Several itty-bitties too small to identify. Nestled into a space no wider than a finger.

Given the most meagre environments, life takes hold. Something to remember.