And the Winner is …

If they gave out gold medals for mushrooms, the award — at least in our woods — would go to this fab fungus. I found it growing alongside a rotting poplar.

Most mushrooms are diminutive and except for odd growth forms or striking colours don’t really shout Here I Am! Not this one. Bright white and the size of a dinner plate, there’s little chance you’d miss it.

Here’s to big and bold.

Best guess? Giant leucopax   Leucopaxillus giganteus  (aka Clitocybe gigantea)

A Fluorish of Fungi

It is a phenomenal summer for mushrooms. Warm temperatures and near-daily rain have produced more fungi than I’ve ever seen.

These are not your white fairy-ring-in-the-lawn mushrooms. The woods are filled with a stunning display of colours, shapes and sizes — and each trip among the trees reveals new ones I hadn’t seen earlier.

Spectacular? Indeed!