Eye to Eye

It’s spring. The Canada geese are back. And they’re nesting.

Which means trouble for anyone foolish enough to check out the nest or sneak a peek at newly hatched goslings.

Geese will take on anyone who gets too close. (Google “canada goose vs gorilla” and you’ll get the gist.)

I took this photo yesterday with my telephoto lens. I kept a good distance between us and tuned my ears for incoming wings that would signal trouble.

The nest sits atop a couple of round hay bales in a corner of a farmer’s field. It’s a favourite spot; geese have nested here for years. To keep from drawing attention to herself the goose keeps her head and long neck down most of the time — which is the pose I photographed.

A room with a view, indeed. She can tend to her goslings and watch the sun go down over the Rockies. 🙂

Canada goose on nest atop round bales

Canada goose   Branta canadensis