Purple Rain

How many raindrops to bend a flower?
Droop its head, hunch its back?

Weight of water shifts their gaze but only briefly.
They bounce back.

We could learn from them: 
When the odds aren’t in your favour, embrace the moment — enjoy the rain.


If At First …

Most days my camera and I get along fine.

Some days — and today was one — we don’t. This usually happens when I’m in macro mode.

After the storm ended I went out to shoot raindrops. It did not go well.

No matter what I did, the camera refused to focus. Sigh. Thoughts of trading up to a DSLR flash through my mind.

Okay, I said, we’ll do it your way. I let the camera decide. If it wouldn’t focus I’d take the shot anyway. (Two can play this game.)

The outcome? None of the photos were in focus.

But to my utter surprise, I love them. Instead of predicable sun-shining-on-raindrops, the photos spoke another language of shape and subtle colour. Other worldly. Always there, seldom seen.

Sometimes the best way out of a predicament is to re-focus your expectations.