Hip, Hip, Hooray

Rose hip: The fruit of a rose.

Rose hips figure high on the foods-I-like-to-eat for ruffed grouse. They’re packed with vitamin C, fibre and lots of essential minerals.

About 6 grouse visit our yard so rose hips are becoming scarce. They picked the low-hanging ones early in the fall. Later they climbed into the rose bushes to eat them. But there are still some left.

The other day I was taking shots of grouse through the kitchen window. I watched as one female spotted a small hip dangling above her. Could she get it?

Seems so. 🙂

Ruffed grouse

Ruffed grouse  Bonasa umbellus

Gone to Seed

We are rushing through summer. Not long ago I was finding the first flowers of the season. Now those flowers have seeded out.

Shooting star   Dodecatheon radicatum


Common pink wintergreen   Pyrola asarifolia


Dewberry   Rubus pubescens 


Pale coralroot orchid   Corallorrhiza trifida


Elephant head   Pedicularis groenlandicus


Wild rose   Rosa acicularis