Garden Party

Ruffed grouse paid us a visit on this snowy afternoon.

First one arrived …

Ruffed grouse

Not finding much of interest in the snow-dusted grass, the saskatoon bush seemed a better prospect.

Ruffed grouse

Then a second showed up …

(What were they eating? Chickadees cleaned off the berries a long time ago).

Ruffed grouse

And finally a third …

Ruffed grouse

They stayed for several minutes, almost hidden among the branches, pecking, looking, pecking some more. Then the party was over. One by one they hopped down and wandered away.

Ruffed grouse   Bonasa umbellus

Ahead of the Crowd

Late August and amidst all the rain-lush greenery a brilliant hit of orange and gold.

A small saskatoon berry bush, barely one season old. Far too soon for fall colours — at least among the more experienced plants.

What triggered its leap into autumn? Perhaps it just wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

Saskatoon berry   Amelanchier alnifolia
August 30, 2016