The Story of a Flower

Blue clematis caught my eye this spring when I found a few patches on Snake Hill. I checked back over the coming weeks to watch the changes.

Blossoms about to open

Shady Lady

Version 2



This perennial vine is beautiful at all stages but like many members of the buttercup family it’s poisonous. (Especially for dogs, apparently.)

Should you be inclined to pop leaves or flowers into your mouth expect a strong burning sensation et cetera. Handling or inhaling parts of the plant can also cause irritation though I’ve handled the plant several times and haven’t noticed any effect. Forewarned.

Blue clematis   Clematis verticellaris var. columbiana


Gone With The Wind

If farmers harvested dandelions, this would be a bumper crop. Yellow flowers are so thick on pastures and fields this spring it looks as though they’ve been planted. It’s like walking on a carpet.

As an immigrant it’s done well. Europeans supposedly brought it with them to North America, growing it for food and medicine. Not so anymore. It’s a target for anyone who likes a weed-free garden and lawn. Too bad. It really is a most attractive plant.

Of course all that yellow turns into seeds that are borne away by the lightest breath of air, continuing the cycle of conquering new lands or re-seeding old ones. 🙂




Common dandelion   Taraxacum officinale

Gone to Seed

We are rushing through summer. Not long ago I was finding the first flowers of the season. Now those flowers have seeded out.

Shooting star   Dodecatheon radicatum


Common pink wintergreen   Pyrola asarifolia


Dewberry   Rubus pubescens 


Pale coralroot orchid   Corallorrhiza trifida


Elephant head   Pedicularis groenlandicus


Wild rose   Rosa acicularis

Just Because

This unplanned shot didn’t seem special when I took it. Just another bunch of dandelions gone to seed in the lane.

Back at the computer, however, it popped off the screen. I fell in love with the crisp outlines, the bright colours, the dark background.

Even the ordinary can surprise us.

Common dandelion   Taraxacum officinale